Often an artist or band needs a producer to help focus the recording project and shape the sound and arrangement of their songs. The producer's role will vary depending on the specific needs of the artist and song. At Vibehouse Productions, we take the time to produce all aspects of the song from creating the sonic landscape, to hiring session musicians if necessary, to crafting transitions and introductions to a song, and acting as an unbiased mediator between bandmates.


An experienced engineer is vital for an efficient recording process. They need to be proficient with operating and editing Avid Pro Tools, recording acoustic instruments and room sonics, operating outboard gear, and routing.  A seasoned engineer also knows multiple microphone techniques and which signal chain will best capture the artist's performance. This is standard practice at Vibehouse along with taking the time to get proper gain structure during recording so that mixing is as efficient as possible. 


Vibehouse can facilitate a wide variety of recording, from vocal overdubs to recording 24 simultaneous tracks for a live band. The cue (headphone) system can accommodate up to 8 separate stereo independent mixes during tracking. The main tracking rooms are 23' X 15' and 15' X 16', with a 15' X 12.5' control room. All rooms have 9.5' ceiling height with solid oak floors. 


At Vibehouse Productions, high-quality mixing is achieved with a hybrid mixing system. Well known analog gear (see gear list) and digital plugins are used throughout the mixing process. All mixing is done using Avid Pro Tools and Focusrite ISA clock and converters. 5.1 surround sound mixing is also offered and encoded to Dolby Digital Professional (AC-3) files. 

PRICING FOR IN HOUSE SERVICES (Clients present in studio)

Hourly rate $50

Day rate (8 hrs) $400 

Artist/band package per song $700 (includes producing, engineering, editing, mixing, up to 3 mix revisions)

Prices may vary depending on client's needs, please inquire by email to discuss pricing further

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