Avid Pro Tools Logic Pro X Genelec Universal Audio 1176ln Empirical Labs Distressor

High Quality Mixing

from $100 per track

Professional, high-quality mixing is achieved with a hybrid mixing system and an experienced mix engineer. Well known analog gear (see gear list) and digital plugins are used throughout the mixing process. All mixing is done using Avid Pro Tools and Focusrite ISA clock and converters. 5.1 surround sound mixing is also offered and encoded to Dolby Digital Professional (AC-3) files. 

Online drum session with AKG C414 B ULS, Sennheiser MD421's, and Gretsch drums, session drummer

Online Drum Tracking

from $100 per track

For many artists, having a live-recorded drum track performed by a seasoned drummer in a recording studio is what's needed to elevate your song to a professional level. The right drums, industry standard mics, and mic pres to capture the performance is what it takes to get it there. Drums from Gretsch, Ludwig, Slingerland, and cymbals by Zildjian K, Paiste and Sabian HHX cover a lot of  tone options to cater to your preferred drum sound.

Recording Studio Pro Tools Logic Pro X Genelec Outboard Gear Empirical Labs Universal Audio 1176ln


from $50 per track

Mastering is offered here with both analog and digital tools at our disposal. Having balanced EQ and dynamics is critical for a project to translate well to any format or medium. Give your final mixes the personal touch they need with an experienced engineer. 

how it works for mixing a song

1. Upload your music

On-line mixing, on-line drum tracking, on-line mastering, Rockford, Illinois, Chicago area

Upload files in the original bit depth, sample rate and include a project description

2. Listen to your first mix

Vibehouse Productions, Rockford, Illinois, recording studio, Chicago area

Listen to the first mix and request up to 2 revisions

3. Download your files

Mix engineer, Rockford, Illinois, session drummer, Vibehouse Productions, Chicago area

Master stems provided in WAV or AIFF and MP3

Online Services

For further details regarding pricing of online services, please inquire using the button below.