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Jaben Pennell started his venture into professional audio 23 years ago. After attending Liberty University he went on to produce his first record for a client in 1996. Since then it's been a journey of working with amazing artists, award winning composers, Grammy winning and nominated producers, engineers, and artists. Jaben has his own award winning work as well, including the 2014 Golden Melody Award (Asian market) for Record of the Year for Chang Chen-yue's "I am Ayal Komod " as mix engineer and a regional RAMI Record of the Year award with Starlite Radio's "Grain of the Sky" in 2017 as recording and mix engineer.

Jaben mainly works as a mix specialist, employing his hybrid mix setup (analog and digital blend), mixing a wide range of genres, and as a session drummer for his online services. 

Jaben Pennell of Vibehouse Productions Rockford, IL
Jaben Pennell of Vibehouse Productions Rockford, IL

client reviews

Recording at Vibehouse Productions with Darrell Evans. Avid Pro Tools

Darrell Evans

"I have had great experiences at Vibehouse. Jaben will work to ensure that your vision for your project will be fulfilled beyond your own expectations. He is a great hang and a great producer/engineer. I highly recommend Vibehouse for your next song or project."

Loren McGee

"Working with Jaben was a great experience! He's very knowledgeable and creative in all aspects of generating sonic imagery."

Steffan Zarakas (From The Ashes)

"Working with Jaben was awesome!! I always prefer the sound of real drums but usually budget and time constraints make it difficult to rent out studio space, set up and mic a kit and then edit everything. In the past I have usually just resorted to programming most of my drums. Having Jaben track saved me loads of time, the tracks were mix ready, and most importantly it added that human feel I missed with programmed drums."

National Lines

"Jaben Pennell has been our go to for production, mixing and mastering for over 7 years now. He knows which areas to be pedantic about during the recording process and when to step aside and let creativity lead. He is calm, easy to work with and thoroughly knowledgeable in all areas of the recording process. If drums are an important piece to you, there’s no one better at recording and mixing live drums! Jaben’s creative ear also allows you to expand yourself in the areas of your song that are lacking. And if there is an instrument need, he knows the perfect sound for that spot. And if he can’t play it, he’ll find the right musician who can."

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Mark Wright

"Jaben and Vibehouse are amazing. He’s mixed two record for us here at Moody Bible Institute. He’s diligent in his work, very accommodating, and committed to producing excellence. If you need an engineer to mix a project, consider him. You will be glad you did."

Recording trumpet for Elliott Waits For No One, at Vibehouse Productions. AEA r84 ribbon microphone.

Elliott Waits For No One

"Vibehouse Productions is the best studio in the Midwest.  The atmosphere is calm, open and inviting.  Jaben ensures the production quality is always up to the industry standard.  Jaben knows how to communicate with the artist he is working with.  His style ensures the best quality mix/production without compromising the style of the artist.  That is a very rare quality to find." - Jenny Franck

"We recorded the entire EWFNO album at Vibehouse with Jaben and we won’t go anywhere else. Whatever you need, whether it be a mixdown or creating a song from start to finish, Vibehouse DEFINITELY has you covered!" - Brian Troch

Check Out Elliott Waits For No One

Jeff Tortora

"Vibehouse has a great vibe, pun intended, which is crucial for me, meaning - having the freedom to change things on the spot or try new things with no pressure to hurry up and finish, is such a joy. Jaben is ultra quick at the board, making changes painless, and it's instantly gratifiying  hearing the results! Also sonically, he gets amazing natural drum sounds which is rare. Whether sending a fantastic mix through email while I’m in another country, or being there personally at his great studio, if I were you, I would not hesitate to work with Jaben at Vibehouse studios for a second." 


”We’ve worked with Jaben for nearly a decade on 40+ songs.  Throughout all of those sessions, Jaben has been great to work with and really knows how to implement good feedback while leaving room for the artist to stay true to the song. He has a wealth of knowledge and helped us take our vision and ideas into final products that surpassed our expectations. (Aaron) As a drummer, I really appreciated working with someone who has years of knowledge and experience in percussion and who was able to help craft the right parts for each song. We’d highly recommend working with Vibehouse Productions for your next project!”

Brock Bennett - Life Church Music

"Vibehouse productions is exactly what you need when it comes to recording, mixing and producing music. The equipment is pristine and top quality and the atmosphere provided opens the door for limitless creativity."

Trevor Johnsen - The Kringe

"Vibehouse mixes and masters all of my band's songs so we can get a really great professional sound and sonic punch. We recommend you check out Jaben's A+ production work, because it certainly took us to the next level."