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Includes engineering, mixing and mastering. If you're looking to record a project from the ground up, Vibehouse can accommodate a wide range of production needs and styles. Just about whatever floats your boat.


Need to just add vocals to existing tracks or add some additional instrumentation? No problem!


You've already recorded all of your tracks but can't seem to get the big, full, punchy Pro mix that sounds great in your car. Vibehouse has the tools and experience to get your tracks ready for the radio. Featuring some of the best gear available, you'll see names you know such as Universal Audio, Lexicon, Sony Oxford, Genelec, Hafler, WAVES, Auto Tune, SPL, Tonelux, API, Protools, Massey, Emperical Labs, KuSh Audio ubk, etc. Any standard effects needed; EQ, compression, limiting, reverb, delay, chorus, etc... is accessible. More enhanced processes like pitch correction, analog tape saturation, bass expansion, stereo image expansion, reamping, and more are also available.


Have your mixes where you like them but need the final touch? Mastering is the critical last step necessary to a great sounding record. Mastering gives you the "glue- loud and proud" and consistent volume from song to song. Need ISRC codes on your master? No problem.

Drum Lessons

Vibehouse also offers drum lessons for players of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Jaben Pennell studied Music Theory & Composition at Liberty University and has taught lessons for 15 years both privately and for institutions such as Brill Music Academy and Family Music in Las Vegas.

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